33 Examples of Long Exposure Photography for Inspiration

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Long exposure photography is related to the photography theme that is used to blur the moving objects and make still objects sharp or moved in the frame. You would simply need to position your camera on tripod so it doesn’t shake or replace when you are capturing photos. I am going to share some breathtaking …

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20 Reading Lovers Who Are Successful Entrepreneurs

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Unlucky in pursuing your dreams? Maybe you should try your local bookstore. Reading is a habit which is quite common, but reading lovers are often geeks, this isn’t true now days. Here are 20 of the most famous reading lovers who are turned out as successful entrepreneurs. This will tell you why readers make fantastic achievers. 1. Matthew Boulton Matthew Boulton is a chemical engineer who partners with his Scottish friends to develop new technologies in the midst of the 19thcentury. However, his love for novels and dramas is not publically known. He is a biggest lover of Shakespearean works. … Continue reading

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